ELUC® is the new cable development in the KNX system. By combining a 3 G 2,5 mm² supply cable for the wall socket and the 10 x 1,5 mm² supply cable for the actors, the technician now has to connect just one cable and 50% of the installation time is saved. The ELUC® cable is halogen-free, produced in accordance with IEC 60502 and instantly recognisable from the KNX green outer sleeve with one grey stripe.

We have developed a cable junction box with terminal strip included in collaboration with Spelsberg to enhance ease of installation even further. This terminal strip is made with the core feed in the same colours as the 10 cores for supply to the actors and the standard core colours of the wall socket.

By using push-in inserts in the junction box, it is a matter of a few clicks to complete installation to the junction box. This also shortens installation time, while also reducing installation error through recognisability by the use of the colours mentioned above.

The complete ELUC® enhances ease of installation and limits failure costs. ELUC® is available from stock through the standard wholesale channels.

Extra information
  • The ELDRA ELUC® Cable is part of the ELUC® concept and is supplied exclusively in combination with the ELUC® junction box including terminal strip and push-in connections.
  • ELUC® cable (Eldra) and junction box (Spelsberg) are available from stock.
  • Available to you from well-known wholesalers.
  • specifically designed on the basis of practical experience in cooperation with Spelsberg and ETB van Keulen
  • just one cable for the wall socket - power supply and actors
  • strip in one go, one tube, one cable in the duct and one connection point in the junction box
  • ease of connection through push-in connections
  • systematic connection with terminal colours the same as the cores
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Part nr. Cable Weight (kg/m) Ø (mm) DoP Compare Quotation
14106-1 3 x 2,5 + 10 x 1,5 mm² Green with one grey stripe 0,4068 15,4

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