Following on from the success of the ELDSOLAR TÜV and TÜV G2, Eldra is now introducing the latest improved generation of solar cables according to NEN-EN 50618:2015, the ELDSOLAR® TÜV H1Z2Z2-K. Familiar quality, renewed looks.

The TÜV certification process is in full swing in order to guarantee a high-quality cable and system.

Extra information

Responsible designs for the environment and climate: Eldra accepts its responsibility for matters such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), the environment, CO2 reduction and safety.


Our sustainability strategy is based on our ISO 14001 certification. Awareness of and improvements in the energy consumption enabled achieving a 25% reduction in our gas consumption and a 21% reduction in our electric power consumption during the past 5 years.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

From grey power to green power, more hybrid cars and fully electrical vehicles, and LPG gas instead of petrol as the fuel for our forklift trucks. Those are just some examples of how we managed to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by a full 49% in the past 5 years.

  • 100% Dutch product
  • weight and diameter reduction
  • TÜV certification pending
  • flexible
  • halogen-free
  • UV and ozone-resistant
  • flame-retardant
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Part nr. Cable Weight (kg/m) Ø (mm) DoP Compare Quotation
14247-1 1 x 4 mm2 Red 0,0542 5,5
14248-1 1 x 4 mm2 Blue 0,0542 5,5
14241-1 1 x 4 mm2 Black 0,0542 5,5
14249-1 1 x 6 mm2 Red 0,0756 6,3
14250-1 1 x 6 mm2 Blue 0,0756 6,3
14244-1 1 x 6 mm2 Black 0,0756 6,3
15200-1 1 x 6 mm2 Black 0,1086 7,1

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