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Title Publisher Standards
CE Markering DEKRA Attestation of Conformity CE Marking
Eldtraffic EO-YMeKaszh OV KEMA EO-YMeKaszh OV
Eldtraffic XPE EO-YMeKaszh OV KEMA XPE EO-YMeKaszh OV met hulpaders
Eldtraffic XPE EO-YMeKaszh OV KEMA XPE EO-YMeKaszh OV zonder hulpaders
ISO 14001:2004 DEKRA Environmental management
ISO 9001:2008 DEKRA Quality management
Levensduur Verklaring Eldra bv
Lloyd's Register Type Approval Certificate 16/30016 Lloyd's Register H05/07Z-U, H05/07Z-K, H07Z-R
Lloyds Register_93-30005 Lloyd's Register H05-07V2-K
REACH Position Statement Eldra bv REACH (EC) 1907/2006
REACH Verklaring Eldra bv REACH (EC) 1907/2006
RoHS Position Statement Eldra bv 2011/65/EU RoHS


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